1 I would like to enrol my child into this school. How does the enrolment process work?
Fill in your child’s details on the enrolment form under the ‘enrolment’ tab and click ‘submit.’ Form will be received by us after which we will contact you shortly to workout class schedules.
2When should the enrolment form be submitted by?
Anytime before the first appointment/class.
3Is it mandatory to have a face to face or online appointment before commencing classes?
This is entirely up to the student and parents. Some students would like to meet the tutor first before commencing classes while others are happy to commence classes straight away.
4Is there a fee for appointments?
No, fees apply to classes and consultations only.
5A student does not want to have tutorial classes but just consultations only. How many consultation classes are allowed per month and what is the cost to this?
A student may have up to 3 consultations per month for a total cost of $60. Alternatively, a student can take a consultation lesson for just $30 each.
6Does the same fee apply to online consultations?
Yes, it does.
7A student is not able to come to class. How much notice should the tutors receive?
At least 24 hours prior to the class the tutor should be notified. Failure to do so, will result in a fee charge with 20% of it to go towards administration.
8Is there a fee charge if the class goes overtime?
No there isn’t. An extra half hour however, will lead to an additional $20 charge.

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