I am currently taking tutorial classes for Year 12 Further Mathematics from Rohit. From my experience so far, Rohit is a very calm and helpful teacher. His teaching skills are excellent and therefore, he will be able to assist you with anything. For you to get a better understanding, he provides you detailed tutorial notes, worked solutions and formula sheets.

Shanil Aponso

I am Shanil Aponso and I am one of Rohit's students. I am letting you know how he teaches me. Rohit is teaching me fractions. When he is teaching me fractions, he explains it clearly and I understand what he says. Also if I don’t understand something, he goes over it again so that I am clear. He always takes his time when he is teaching me and explains in a detailed manner. Rohit is a much organised tutor as he tells what I am learning and I tell him what I am struggling on. Also when he is teaching me, he writes everything down and does examples if I don’t get it. Every week Rohit gives me homework and tests my skills and in the next lesson, he corrects my homework. I think Rohit is a great mathematician and I like him as my tutor.

Rishika Raghavendra

I had a splendid time at your house. I learn so much. Rohit explains everything so clearly. I also feel that I learn a lot more with Baba’s blessings. Firstly, I thought Rohit was going to give me extra easy work but when I realised that he gave me challenging work, I felt great. I was also very shy, but then I got a long with Rohit. I was so into the work that Rohit gave me, he makes everything so fun and interesting. Whenever I come to your house, I feel Baba has come right in front of me and I also feel that he is blessing me with his powerful hands. Thanks for teaching me the bhajan. Your house is a great atmosphere to learn in. It is so peaceful.

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